I help Counsellors & Psychotherapists build a profitable private practice

and quit their 9-5 without wasted time or overwhelm

Introducing: The Thriving Therapist Programme

Counsellors & Psychotherapists

If you're dreaming of escaping the 9-5 grind to start your own private practice, yet feeling daunted by the idea of limited income or the prospect of back-to-back one-on-one sessions, I've got just the strategy for you. Perhaps you're already running your practice part time but find yourself overwhelmed, unable to reach your desired income levels.

I offer a proven solution that has already transformed my practice and the practices of countless therapists. Imagine maximizing your impact and income without spending hours on social media. This approach isn't just about earning more; it's about working smarter, not harder, and enjoying the freedom and fulfilment that drew you to this profession. Let me show you how to empower more clients and boost your earnings without the burnout.

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Make More Money, Create a Bigger Impact, Avoid Wasted Time and Overwhelm

Is this you

  • You want to start your private practice but the thought of all the tech, systems and paperwork sends your head into a spin

  • You feel cringe about promoting your services

  • You don’t know who your ideal client is

  • You are afraid to specialise in case you cut down your chances of getting clients

  • You are worried you won’t be able to earn enough

  • You hate speaking about yourself and what you do

  • You are unclear about how to grow a successful private practice

  • You feel guilty about charging an adequate fee

  • When you think about private practice you only see a life of burnout and seeing as many clients as possible

  • You think to fill your diary you will have to spend all day on social media

  • You feel uncomfortable sharing your fee and find that you take on too many low cost clients

  • You are unsure how to create content

  • They think there is too many therapist on social media so what's the point

  • You worry what people/family/friends will think of you if you use social media to promote your private practice

  • You are unfamiliar with the tech thats involved in running and filling a private practice

  • Your worry about spending hours on social media and not getting any clients

  • You wonder if you charge an approbate fee if people will be able to afford it

  • Your are unsure how to scale your private practice

  • Is it possible to have a profitable private practice without burnout

  • You feel disheartened and wonder if you should just stay in your 9-5 even though you have a dream of having a private practice

  • You know how to help clients but not how to attract clients

  • You feel awkward about showing your face online

  • Your don't know what to post online

  • You compare yourself to other counsellors online and wonder why you aren't doing what they are

  • You wonder what you are doing wrong

  • You have started a private practice but have lots of empty slots in your calendar

Imagine this instead!

  • Attracting clients who are happy to pay an adequate fee

  • You have more time with family and friends

  • You are earning passive income

  • You know your worth and have strong professional and personal boundaries

  • You feel confident with running your private practice and attracting clients consistently

  • You know your niche and ideal client inside out and you are working with your ideal client

  • You are getting consistent enquiries

  • You have a content calendar to create consistent social media content with ease

  • Stopped trading time for money????

  • You have more freedom and you choose your own hours

  • You make a real difference in the life of your clients without working loads of hours and burning yourself out

  • You have a network of professionals who refer clients to you

Sounds great right!?

Well, what I just described to you can be achieved through my signature programme: The Thriving Therapists Programme

Now, I know what you may be thinking..

I used to roll my eyes at coaches too, thinking I don't have time to put into a programme

But I needed a solution...

  • I remember the exhaustion and frustration all too well, feeling stuck in a cycle of underwhelming, overworking, and undervaluing myself in my previous career. I knew change was imperative, but the path forward seemed murky and intimidating. I felt lost, unsure of how to break free and establish the private practice of my dreams.

  • Years of personal development, alongside my extensive experience in private practice, equipped me with invaluable insights and tools. These tools didn't just transform my professional life; they were pivotal in helping me break free from the exhausting cycle of unfulfilling work. Now, I'm dedicated to helping fellow therapists attract the success, freedom, and satisfaction they deserve, steering them away from the toxic cycle of overworking and under-appreciation in their careers

  • I have condensed all I've learnt into a short 8 week programme to help you build a profitable private practice without wasted time or overwhelm.

Meet your new, trusted, and innovative expert

I'm Sinead Kennedy. I'm a Business Coach and Psychotherapist in Private Practice. As a Business Coach I specialise in guiding ambitious Counsellors & Psychotherapists who are keen to leave behind the constraints of their 9-5 jobs and establish a thriving private practice.

If you're looking to transform your professional life and desire a lucrative, independent therapy practice, I am here to make that vision a reality. I recognise that transitioning from traditional employment to entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges, both mental and logistical. Drawing from my vast experience and deep understanding of the therapy realm, I've assisted countless professionals like you to navigate this journey, breaking away from the 9-5 grind and achieving unparalleled autonomy and financial success.

My coaching strategy focuses on equipping you with the tools and strategies essential for setting up, marketing, and scaling your private therapy practice. More than just business tactics, I'm passionate about instilling confidence, vision, and resilience, ensuring that you're not just successful, but also fulfilled.

Why start your

private practice now?

Are you tired of the relentless cycle of overworking, feeling undervalued, and feeling unfulfilled in your current role? If you're nodding in agreement, then there's no time like the present to embark on a new journey.

Counsellors transitioning to private practice are tapping into a significant opportunity.

The move towards private practices is gaining momentum, mirroring broader trends in personalised, tailored healthcare and wellness services. The demand for mental health services is on a steady incline, with more individuals seeking confidential, flexible therapy options beyond the constraints of traditional settings.

There is always space for dedicated professionals, but the ideal time to establish yourself is now. Private practitioners are increasingly sought after, catering to a diverse range of clients from busy professionals and families to individuals seeking deeper, more personal growth. The scope is vast and ever-expanding, echoing the growing acknowledgment of mental health's importance in our daily lives.

Perhaps you've already tried everything in your professional toolkit. You might have sought advice from peers, read every book on career advancement, and even considered different specialties within therapy, hoping for that significant shift in your career trajectory. You've been waiting for the right moment, seeking validation from others, maybe even hoping for a magical turning point to launch your private practice.

Despite all these, do you feel closer to achieving the dream of running a successful practice?

The Thriving Therapist Programme programme is designed to break you free from the confinements of your 9-5 and guide you in creating a thriving, fulfilling private practice. It focuses on endowing you with practical strategies, expert insights, and the confidence to step out on your own. We replace outdated, ineffective methods with innovative, evidence-based approaches tailored to the Counsellors and Psychotherapists just like you.

In this program, you aren’t asked to adapt to a one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, you'll discover how to leverage your unique strengths, refine your therapeutic niche, and connect deeply with your ideal clients. My approach is proactive, personalised, and all about empowering you as a skilled therapist to establish a successful practice.

So, why start now? Because every day spent in dissatisfaction is a missed opportunity for growth and personal fulfillment. You deserve a career that's not just profitable, but also deeply rewarding and aligned with your values. Your journey to a successful private practice begins with one decisive step, and the best time to take that step is now.

Be a part of The Thriving Therapist Programme. The time to start is now.

So what do you say?

Let’s build unshakeable confidence and establish the thriving private practice you deserve

The Thriving Therapist Programme equips you with the comprehensive toolkit, support, and structured guidance necessary to transition confidently from your 9-5 to running your own successful therapy practice. It's a complete A-Z roadmap, meticulously crafted to bolster your professional autonomy, financial independence, and personal satisfaction in your career.

This programme isn't just about the practical steps of setting up a business; it’s a transformative journey that elevates your self-worth as a therapist, enhances your entrepreneurial skills, and helps you cultivate a thriving practice that resonates with your personal values and professional ambitions.

Let's take this pivotal step together. Join The Thriving Therapist Programme and redefine your career on your own terms.

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